Instagram Marketing for Airlines & Travel Companies

Increase sales, customer engagement, and referrals with Instagram

The simplest way to:

  • Find photos on Instagram 

  • Obtain Digital Rights to use Customer Photos

  • Make photos shoppable

  • Display Customer Photos everywhere

  • run contests

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With StoryBox, Travel companies & Airlines can:

  • Collect customer testimonials

  • Showcase photos of your customer's vacation

  • Run an Instagram contest

  • Collect short & viral customer videos


Our Technology

See how we make Instagram as simple & effective as possible


Receive high quality photos & videos from customers on social networks and your website.


Obtain the Digital Rights to use customer content on your website, in emails, ads, and more.


Showcase your best customer content on your homepage, Product Detail Pages, social channels, newsletters & more.


Automatically identify your best content and use it to drive more sales, referrals, and customer engagement.

Examples of Our Work

See how other companies are using customer photos to transform their brand


TripAdvisor knows that customers trust each other far more than they trust advertising. That's why they use StoryBox to collect photos and videos from their community talking about the incredible travel experiences that TripAdvisor makes possible.


Priceline is known for some of the zaniest and most memorable commercials. However, they also know the creativity of their customers. That's why they started the "Brag About Your Deal" campaign, where they allowed customers to share the story of the incredible deal they found on Priceline.

What Our Clients Have Said

"The Hotel Correspondent campaign we ran with StoryBox is the most effective User Generated Content campaign that Bud Light has ever run."

           -- Winston Wang, Global Director of Strategic Innovation, Anheuser-Busch InBev


"We empowered fans to connect with the Levi's brand to share their stories of inspiration in an authentic voice. None of this would have been possible without the StoryBox platform."

           -- Gareth Hornberger, Digital Marketing Manager


"These videos are awesome. They're authentic and hit on all our key points in our customer's own words."

           -- Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit



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