How to get the most UGC participation possible

One of the most common questions we receive is: "How can I get the most (and highest quality) User Generated Content (UGC) possible?"

The answer is simple: let your customers participate however and wherever they would like.

Let customers participate HOWEVER they would like

The first key is to let your customers choose how they would like to participate. Here's some quick numbers for you:


When it comes to participation, it is hardest to get customers to submit a video (10% of all participants), followed by photo (25% of participants), text (50% of participants) and finally star rating (81% of participants).

So if you're looking to get the most participation possible, allow as many of these options as possible. At StoryBox, we make it simple for customers to submit photos, videos, and text, and we do this because we know this will result in the highest amount of participation possible.

Let customers participate WHEREVER they would like

It's just as important to allow customers to participate wherever they would like. Oftentimes we see companies who only promote participation on Instagram. This is a great start, but many of your customers will be unwilling to share a photo about your brand on their personal Instagram page. 

That's why StoryBox provides over 21 different ways for a customer to participate. This allows customers to choose the method that is most comfortable for them, which drastically increases participation rates.

Here are the methods we provide:

  1. Photo upload
  2. Webcam photo
  3. Photo from Facebook Album
  4. Photo from Instagram Album
  5. Video upload
  6. Webcam video
  7. YouTube Video
  8. Instagram content aggregation by #
  9. Instagram content aggregation by @Mention
  10. Instagram content aggregation bt geographic location
  11. Twitter content aggregation by #
  12. YouTube content aggregation by keyword
  13. Facebook aggregation via page post
  14. Mobile photo upload
  15. Mobile photo live camera
  16. Mobile video upload
  17. Mobile video live camera
  18. Photo submission via email
  19. Video submission via email
  20. Text only submission
  21. Tumblr content aggregation

By providing all of these options, you do not need to know upfront which method your community prefers. No matter what their preference, you'll be ready to receive it!