Why Photo Overlays Increase Sharing & Participation

Last week, StoryBox released our new Custom Overlay technology. Here's a quick demo video, or you can submit your own photo here.

What is it about photo overlays that gets customers to not only submit more content, but also share that user generated content more frequently?

There are a few things at play here. First, photo overlays are a great way to enhance the value of someone's photo. Just like Instagram filters wowed people early on and led to massive viral growth, photo overlays are a playful way to increase the value of someone's photo.

Second, it ties each person's photo to a bigger mission, a grander objective. Check out Core Power Yoga's epic campaign to see their community united around sharing stories of why they yoga. It made it LESS about each customer's photo and MORE about the campaign. People can be self conscious when it comes to user generated content - take some of that pressure off and also unite your community around a theme in one fail swoop.