Simple Content Collection

Obtain an abundance of high quality photo and video content from your community

Social Content Aggregation

Social Aggregation

Find the best photos that your customers are posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr. For each photo, StoryBox also shows you information about the customer - how many followers they have, how many likes & comments their photo has received, and more.


Digital Rights Management

Easily and automatically request the digital rights to use your customer's photo on your website, in print, in emails and more. When your customer responds with your designated Approval Hashtag, our system will add their photo to your website.

Digital Rights is a great way to be respectful to your customers and ensure they are OK with you using their photo for promotional purposes.

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Streamlined Moderation

See all of the photos and videos your customers are posting on social networks in one place. All you need to do is decide whether or not you'd like to approve it or disapprove it. Approve the photo and it goes on your website, disapprove it and it goes away.


Search every social network

Search around as many hashtags, keywords, and @usernames as you'd like. Use geographic filters to refine your search, and exclude competing terms as well. StoryBox makes it simple to find and use the best photos and videos from your customers.


Filter & identify your best content

Create "Search Rules" to be able to easily and repeatedly find your best content. You can search around #hashtags, keywords, and @user names. You can also exclude certain terms, like the names of your competitors. That way you won't see any content where customers references other brands. You an also enter in geographic locations to find content near your stores and events.

Website Photo + Video Submission

Collect content on your website

Some of your customers will be willing to post photos to their personal Instagram, Facebook, and other social channels... but a lot of them won't. Make it comfortable for ALL of your customers to participate by allowing them to submit photos & videos directly on your website.

Each of our Display Modules has an option to enable website content submission. Customers can choose whether they would like to submit a photo, video, or text entry. Maximize participation by allowing all three, and watch your authentic customer stories roll in.


Mobile & Desktop Participation

Customers can submit photos & videos on the go from their mobile device or tablet. The process is exactly the same, allowing your customers to participate however, wherever, and whenever they'd like.


Four ways to submit a quality photo

Each of your customers is different. So StoryBox makes it simple for each and every type of your customer to submit a photo. They can use their webcam to take a photo, upload a photo from their computer, or even pull in a photo from a Facebook or Instagram photo album.


Four Ways to Submit a quality video

When it comes to video, we know that customers can get off topic. That's why each of our methods of video submission allows you to impose a time restriction to the length of the customer's video. Keep their video to 30 seconds or less to make the content engaging. Customers can record their video directly from their webcam, upload a video from their computer, or submit a video from YouTube or Vine.


Captions & Product Tagging

When customers submit a photo or video, you have the option to let them enter a caption, a title to their story, or even tag the product that is shown in the image. When customers tag their own products, it saves your team valuable time, and makes your photos and videos shoppable.

Unleash the power of customer storytelling by allowing them to share their story by photo, video, and text.


Digital Rights Management & Content Ownership

Prior to submitting photos & videos on your website, you can have customers complete as many fields as you'd like: name, location, favorite ice cream flavor... you name it! Customers also give you ownership of their content, so you can use this however and wherever you'd like. 

StoryBox clients including Levi's, UNICEF, and more have used our content in commercials. They were able to do so since our system ensures you have the legal and digital rights to use this content however you would like.