Try out our Embeddable Display Modules

StoryBox offers 6 turnkey Display Modules that you can fully customize

Compact Displays

Ideal for a homepage, Product Detail Page, or About Us page


Characterized by large content tiles and options for captioned overlays, website content submission, and link to a larger gallery.



Ideal for Product Detail Pages, the StoryReel is compact and minimalist in design. There are options to vary the number of content tiles, auto rotate, accept website submissions, and link to a more expansive gallery.



The StoryBox module scrolls horizontally, and displays a portfolio of different thumbnails, sized based on performance metrics. On hover over, photos zoom and videos play (without sound).

Expansive Galleries

Ideal for a dedicated testimonial pages, contests, and landing pages


The StoryFall displays images in large and small sized squares. Larger tiles are used to display top performing content. Options for infinite scroll, load more button, hover over effects, and more.



Based on Instagram's layout, the StoryWall Display Module showcases your content tiles in identical square spaces. Options for hover over effects, infinite load, load more options, and more.



Based on Pinterest, the StoryFeed displays your content in individually sized tiles with excerpts of text. Options for displaying social network icons, varying hover over effects, load more, infinite load, and more.


Looking for more options?

With our Enterprise Packages we create custom galleries and collaborate with our clients to build completely one-of-a-kind solutions