Display Customer Content Everywhere

Customers trust each other more than advertising. Leverage your most powerful asset everywhere you interact with your customers.

Website Display

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Homepage Integration

Embed your StoryBox content on your homepage, a social page, product detail pages and more. Each integration consists of a single line of javascript, which you can embed on any webpage. StoryBox also offers integrations with Shopify, Big Commerce, Demandware, Magento, and more.


Product Detail Page integration

The highest converting location to add customer photos and videos to your website is your individual Product Detail Pages. Just when a customer is ready to make a purchase, they see images of customers just like them, with lifestyles just like theirs.

StoryBox detects what product is on the page, and only displays the customer photos and videos related to that specific product. StoryBox also offers smart fallback options. That way, if you don't have enough customer generated content for a particular product, StoryBox will show a parent product, category product, related product, or whatever you specify. 


Social Hub & Testimonial Pages

Create a new page on your website to show off all the great things your customers are saying about you. StoryBox's embeddable gallery takes care of everything: website visitors will be able to click on content, shop your customer photos, and even submit their own.

This is the easiest way to increase credibility with a new website visitor and create a sense of community amongst your customers.

Shoppable Content

When viewers look at your Customer Generated Photos, they'll also see the products featured in each image. You can create hotspots on the image, and tag as many products as you would like in each image.

When a viewer clicks on a product, they'll be brought to the Product Detail Page where they can purchase that item.

Shoppable Instagram

Drive traffic & sales from Instagram

Make it easy for customers to purchase the items you feature on Instagram. You can embed our Shoppable Instagram product on your website, or we can serve as an intermediary page on your website. As customers see your posts on Instagram, they just have to tap the photo they want, and they'll be brought to your Product Detail Page where they can purchase that item.