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About earth brands

Each and every Earth Shoe® is inspired by our founder Anne Kalso – a Danish Yoga Instructor – and her core belief that wellness and healthy living should start from the ground up. For over 40 years, Earth shoes have been making women's shoes with uncompromised comfort and fashionable style to the delight of discerning women.

Earth Shoes also believes that following a path to wellness includes making our planet a healthier place for us all. In 2015, Earth partnered with a non-profit organization and planted over 50,000 trees globally. Today, we're continuing this effort with a goal to plant another 50,000 trees every year and in doing so, we're helping keep our air clean and our bodies healthy.

Homepage Integration

Homepage Integration Overview

Earth Brands asks their customers, #WhereOnEarthRU. Their customers respond with the incredible places they go, wearing Earth Brands famous footwear.

They promote it prominently in the main homepage carousel header [featured left].

Above the fold, they display our StoryReel Display Module. They provide their community with 22 different ways to submit their own photo or video. 

The first is that they provide the branded hashtag, #WhereOnEarthRU. When a customer uses this hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Tumblr, our software finds it, and let's Earth Brands decide whether or not they would like to display it on their homepage.

The second is the "Share Your Story" button on the right. This allows customers to submit a photo or video directly on EarthBrands.com. Customers can upload a photo, pull it in from a Facebook or Instagram album, submit by email, etc.

Earth Brands also provides a "View Gallery" button in our Display Module, which takes website visitors to see more of this incredible User Generated Content.


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Earth Brands utilizes our StoryFall Display Module to feature all of their approve customer generated photos & videos.

To do this, they created a new page on their website, and let customers know they could participate by #WhereOnEarthRU or #WalkYourWorld.

In StoryBox's CMS, Earth Brands monitors both of these hashtags, and can request the Digital Rights to use any of them on their website with one click.

Earth Brands implemented a feature to provide a caption and user profile upon hover over of any image. Clicking on any image shows the customer's photo or video, and allows the viewer to purchase the product shown in the customer's image.


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Product Detail Page Integration

Product Detail Page Integration

On each and every Product Detail Page, Earth Brands uses our StoryReel Display Module to showcase customer photos and videos related to the product shown.

This is the highest converting location to add customer photos & videos - right at the point of purchase, customers see social proof from other customers just like them.

Customers are also able to submit their own photo or video directly on the Product Detail Page, or view the Community Gallery of other happy Earth Brand customers.


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