About Hello fresh

Here at HelloFresh, we're on a mission to change the way that people eat forever!

Every week we send you all the fresh ingredients you need to prepare delicious recipes. We take care of your meal planning and even do the shopping for you: with HelloFresh everyone can enjoy cooking!

-> Say goodbye to fast food and grocery shopping
-> Cook tasty meals in 30 minutes
-> Free delivery nationwide

Happy cooks community page

Community Page Overview

Hello Fresh customers LOVE the health food and delicious recipes they receive each week - it saves them time and keeps them eating right.

Hello Fresh tapped into this passion by featuring all the great things customers are saying on their Community Page. 

Customers can share their own story using #FreshFam or #HelloFreshPics on any social network, or they can click on the top-left "Share Your Picture" button to submit a photo or video directly on the Hello Fresh website.

When you click on any content tile, you see the customer's photo and you're able to sign-up for the meal plan they're using or the recipe they're showcasing.


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Homepage Integration

Hello Fresh's customer generated content has been so successful that they know feature them on their website homepage.

Hello Fresh showcases their best customer photos utilizing StoryBox's StorySlide Display Module.

They enabled a feature to display customer profile photos as well as a caption excerpt as an overlay on top of their photos.

Clicking on any photo opens a lightbox that shows the customer photo, the customer's name and link to their social network, the customer's caption, and the product about which they're speaking.


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Recycling Page

Recycling Page Integration

When Hello Fresh started gathering photos from their customers, they discovered something amazing - their customers were incredibly inventive when it came to finding ways to recycle their Hello Fresh box!

Customers sent in photos of new homes for their cats, toys for their kids and more. So Hello Fresh created a StorySlide Display Module to showcase their customer's most inventive photos. 

This is a great example of how any company can add quality user generated content to any page to make it more authentic, engaging, and interactive.


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