Stories of Inspiration


  • 88% of customers who recorded videos shared their video on their newsfeed with their friends, resulting in significant viral traffic
  • Over 98,000 new Facebook followers acquired
  • • 5% of referral traffic created a video
  • Levi’s gathered over 2 hours of video, which was used to create a poignant ad

How they did it:


Rather than have customers talk about Levi's or their 501s, Levi's invited their customers to share their stories of something central to the Levi's brand: inspiration.

Customers could record 30-second videos on the Levi's website and Facebook page about their inspiration. Through StoryBox, customers could tag the person they talked about in their video, which lead to incredible virality.



Using StoryBox's analytics, Levi's identified the most compelling user generated videos. They took the best videos and put them together into a moving, emotional video commercial.

"We empowered fans to connect with the Levi's brand to share their stories of inspiration in an authentic voice. None of this would have been possible without the StoryBox platform."

           -- Gareth Hornberger, Digital Marketing Manager