Manage Your Content Library

Easily deploy your best photos and videos anywhere, anytime.

Organize your content

Content library

All of the photos and videos you display are organized and easily managed within your StoryBox dashboard. You can tag products shown in each image, add category tags to be able to display certain photos in specific locations, and see your content performance all in one location.


Product tagging

To make any customer image shoppable, simply type the name of the product. You can tag as many products as you would like in an image. This will allow website visitors to easily purchase the products your customers are featuring in their photo or video.

StoryBox's product inventory synchs with your product inventory each day. That way as you add or remove products, our product database will match yours.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 5.33.12 PM.png

hashtag expansion

As you approve content, StoryBox will start to uncover new hashtags for you to search around. We look at each photo and video you've approved to see what other hashtags and keywords your customers are using. In this way, you'll start to find additional hashtags to use in your search for high quality content.


Promote your content

Trigger-based Emails

Get your customers to share their photos with friends and family with our automated emails. Create your own plain text or html emails, and choose how and when to send them. Want to get more content? Setup an automated email for when you disapprove a customer's photo or video. This will give them guidance on how to improve the quality of their submission. You'll get more quality submissions with little to no work on your team's part.


Automated Incentives

Reward your customers for submitting photos and videos, or for voting in a contest. With StoryBox, you can simply add a list of coupons, discount codes, or other incentives to our system. Tell our system when to send it, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll track which incentives have been used, and automatically notify your customers when they've earned their next reward.


Run a contest with voting

Easily run a contest, and allow your customers to drive more traffic to your website. StoryBox enables voting by Facebook, Twitter, or both. By leveraging social network authentication for voting, StoryBox minimizes the amount of voter fraud in your campaign. Additionally, after a customer votes, our system encourages them to share your contest with their friends. This is a great way to drive more viral traffic to your website.

display & distribute your content

display content on your website

With StoryBox you can quickly and easily create custom Display Modules to showcase your best customer photos and videos on your website. Choose from six different templates, which you can customize to match your website.

Each Display Module can display all of your customer photos and videos, or just a simple subset. Use simple tags to organize your content and choose how and where to display it.


Share on social

As StoryBox helps you identify your top performing photos & videos, you can easily share this content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. 

Distribute your customer generated photos and videos everywhere to maximize it's impact. Sharing your customers photos is also a great way to engage with them and let them know you value their contribution.