Streamlined Analytics & Targeting

Automatically A/B test your content and see the results

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Sales tracking

See how StoryBox User Generated Content is affecting sales on your website. See how customers are converting, how this impacts their Average Order Value and more.

You can see results over specific time periods, and you can focus on StoryBox overall performance, as well as looking at specific Display Module performance (eg. Homepage, Product Detail Pages, etc).


Display Module Interactions

See how much traffic your Display Modules are receiving and how often website visitors are interacting with your User Generated Content. Compare performance over the previous time period and download the results. 

You can look at performance for all User Generated Content, or for specific Display Modules (eg. Homepage, Testimonials Page, etc).

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Specific Photo & Video performance

See which of your customer generated photos & videos are receiving the most views, clicks, sales, shares and votes. With one click you can share your best photos to your favorite social network, or embed it in an email or newsletter.


Brand Ambassador & Influencer Analytics

As you find customer generated content, StoryBox provides insights into who your most influential customers are. If someone has a large following, or if their photo has received a high number of likes and comments, they may be a great fit for your Brand Ambassador or Customer Influencer program.


Integrate with Google Analytics

Want to see all of your data in your own Google Analytics account? Not a problem! In addition to your StoryBox analytics, you can also add our data to your own Google Analytics account.