Custom Photo Overlays

A guide to adding custom overlays to your photos

Edit Display Module

Edit Display Module

In the Display section of your StoryBox dashboard, click on "Edit Module for the Display Module to which you would like to add custom photo overlays.

Story Creation Tab

Story Creation Tab

Click on the top right "Story Creation" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the "Submission Editing & Overlays" section.

Enable overlays

Enable Overlay

Start by turning the overlay on for this Display Module. Don't worry, nothing will affect your live Display Module until you save changes at the bottom of the page. 

Edit Aspect Ratio

Choose Photo Aspect Ratio

You can choose whether you would like to crop the user's photo to a square image (like Instagram) or preserve the photo in the original aspect ratio. This affects the way that the photo appears in your gallery - some images may become zoomed if they are preserved in the original format. For this reason, we recommend selecting "Square"

Text field

Choose how user enters text

You can create a separate "Title" text entry box, where the user types their overlay text. Or you can have a caption box, from which StoryBox extracts a small portion of their caption to use for the overlay. We recommend using the "Separate Title Field"

Customize font, size, and overlay

Customize Overlay

You can customize the overlay font size, color, font type, as well as the overlay image. There are many additional options that are not displayed here, so contact us if you need something special.

overlay position

Choose Overlay Position

StoryBox provides 7 different options for where your overlay will appear on the customer's photo. Each option describes where your overlay image will appear (Top of photo, Center of photo, Bottom of photo) as well as where the user entered text will appear in relation to the overlay (Over the image, below the image, or above the image)

Save Changes

Save Changes

Don't forget to save your changes when you're done. You can also "Save & Preview", which will open a pop-up so you can easily see and review the changes you have made.