About sabon

SABON brings to you the power of the Dead Sea combined with the healing energy of aromatherapy oils and herbs from the Israeli countryside. The life giving properties of the Dead Sea imbue Sabon’s products with vital minerals and salts. It is through this miraculous and legendary oasis known as the Dead Sea, that we are able to offer an experience of healing to the body.

Our mission is to consistently create and offer an unparalleled range of exceptional bath and body products, using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients with the intention of delivering luxury to the every day, for everyone. 

We strive to encourage an appreciation of the daily ritual of bath by creating an environment that inspires and captures the imagination, through the visual and sensory experience. Each of the luxurious bath and body products transport the senses and heal the body, mind and soul.

Homepage Integration

Homepage Integration Overview

Sabon features customer and photos directly on their website homepage. They created a custom gallery, which allows website visitors to purchase products shown in a customers photo. It also allows customers to submit photos and videos directly on their website.

Sabon promotes the hashtag #SabonNYC to let their website traffic know they are a social-first brand. If any customer uses this hashtag, Sabon will find it in their StoryBox dashboard. Our system creates filters for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr. When Sabon approves a photo, our Digital Rights Management software obtains the rights to use this customers photo and then adds it to Sabon's homepage.


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Product detail page integration

Sabon features a "Share Product Stories" carousel on each of their Product Detail Pages. This allows customers to see real photos from actual Sabon customers for each and every product.

The utilize StoryBox's StorySlide Display Module to display customer photos and videos related to each product on the page.

Sabon enabled a feature so that, upon hover over of any content tile, it displays the username of the customer who submitted that photo.

They also enabled website photo & video submissions, so that their customers can submit their own photo directly on the Product Detail Page.


See more photos of Sabon's Product Detail Page integration: