StoryBox Services

Need extra help with Instagram? We've got you covered!

In addition to our technology, StoryBox offers a wide variety of additional support and service options where you can consider us an extension of your team. Whether it's design work, consulting, content moderation, contest management... you name it and we can take care of it!


Website Installation

If you need help integrating customer photos throughout your website, our developers can do this for you. All we need is 30-minutes of your time, and we'll have this added to your website within half a day!


Content Moderation

Don't have the time to review all of your photos? No worries - we can do it for you. After establishing guideline criteria, our team will review all photo submissions for you. We can approve them for you, or currate the best photos for your team to review and approve. Either way, we'll free you up to work on more important projects!


Content import

Already have your content with another software provider? Not to worry - we can import the photos you've already approved and maintain any product tagging you've already completed. This will get you up-and-running with StoryBox with no lost time.



With over 8 years of experience in the space working with 35+ Fortune 500 companies (Disney, P&G, Levi's, & Budweiser to name just a few), we've got a lot of knowledge to share. We can advise, develop strategies, and share lessons learned that will save your team hundreds of hours of work. 


Contest Management

If you're running a contest, we can help with incentives, strategy, ad buys, design, judging and more. Based on our experience with the best brands in the world, we can support you in setting up a contest that is gauranteed to hit your goals.


Design work

Don't have in-house designers? You can use ours! We can do custom design work for your website, social channels, newsletters, ads, in-store signage, product inserts and more. We will understand your brand guidelines and create the perfect visual complement for your customer photos.


Commercial Creation

Want to put a professional wrapper around your customer photos and videos? Commercials are a great way to do that. We take your vest customer content, and compile a compelling video commercial. This is a great addition to your website, events, social channels and more.