The StoryFall

Perfect for dedicated Testimonial Pages, Social Hub, and Contest Pages

The StoryFall Display Module is ideal for expansive page takeovers, like a Community Page or other page dedicated to community generated content. The StoryFall is characterized by disparate sized content tiles, ranging from squares to vertical or horizontal rectangular tiles. The StoryWall is embedded with one live of javascript, and also integrates with Shopify, Demandware, Magento, Big Commerce, and more.

Customization options include:

  • Ability to have a "Load More" button or an "Infinite Scroll" option (like Pinterest)
  • Ability to have a call to action "Share your Story" tile or button at the top of the gallery
  • Gallery expands to fill the container provided, so you can make the StoryWall whatever size or shape you would likeThe StoryReel is Change the number of content thumbnails displayed
  • Customize font, text, color, and imagery
  • Customize hover-over effects
  • Turn On / Off a website photo & video submission button
  • Asynchronous Load option for faster load times