Our Content Management System in action

See how simple it is to make your Instagram shoppable


@Mention Searches

In addition to # searches on Instagram, you can find photos where your brand was mentioned. These mention searches allow you to find more high quality customer photos.

Photo Overlays

Add custom photo overlays to increase participation and viral sharing. Overlays work best for campaigns about topics related to your brand.


Digital rights Management

Make sure you receive permission from your customers to use their photos and videos. StoryBox automatically requests the rights to use customer photos on your website & beyond.

Receiving photos & videos on your website

How StoryBox makes it simple for customers to submit photos and videos on your website, and allows companies to review this content prior to displaying it on their company website


Creating Shoppable Instagram Galleries

Add shoppable Instagram images to your homepage, social hub page, Product Detail Pages, and more. Use a one-line embed code, or install a Shopify, Demandware, BigCommerce, Magento app or more.

comprehensive analytics

See how your Shoppable Instagram galleries are increasing sales, average order values, conversion rates, referral traffic, and more all within your StoryBox dashboard.


Starting your free trial

How to setup a StoryBox Free Trial account, and add customer and photos throughout your website.

Finding Content on Social Networks

How to search Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr to find your best customer photos & videos.


Product Tagging

Make it easy for customers to purchase the products they see in User Generated Content. StoryBox allows you to tag as many products as you would like in each customer photo or video.

Content Management

Manage your content library in one location - add product tags, review content performance, create Display Modules and more.


Team Management

Invite as many team members as you would like to manage your StoryBox dashboard. Assign permissions to keep things as simple as possible for each user.

Automated Emails

Setup automated emails to encourage customers to share their content, as well as to help receive higher quality content submissions.